El camionero aspira al calentador de estacionamiento, ¿ cómo funciona?

The word "diesel heater" can be seen from the name, and it is a high probability that the car parking diesel heaters. That's right, this guy is living by drinking diesel, drinking diesel, spitting out the heat.

Because it is mainly used on a truck, it is also called Parking Heater. In Other words, diesel heater can be heating independently without relying on car engines. This is a great gospel for drivers in the cold area of running in winter (such as Nordic). Solved the big problem of heating on the car.

So, how does parking diesel heater work?

Basic principle: Diesel pump sucks the diesel from the fuel tank, and send it to the combustion chamber to ignite the mixed gas from the ignition plug. Essence the wind turbine can send the hot air out directly in the combustion chamber !

Parking heater schematic

These years there is an all in one parking heater appeared, and the remote control function has also been added. This solves the two most important problems, one is illegal modification, and the other is security issues such as tail gas poisoning.

First of all, all in one parking heater is completely independent fuel supply and power supply. There is no need to modify the vehicle, just like the oil saw used by the lumberjaccium, which can work independently and perfectly solve the problem of illegal modification.

In addition, all in one parking heater is with small volume, can be easily stored behind the cab. You only need to make a air intake hole on the carriage, and control the switch remotely to make the entire cab. It is perfectly solved the safety of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Although diesel heater is so good, some problems should be paid more attention. For example, the exhaust emission port must not be placed under the cab, nor can it be placed in the direction of the wind.

In addition, when using parking diesel heater, some gaps in the glass glass are allowed to facilitate air convection exchange to ensure the essence of personal safety.

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